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Taiga Cordillera

Animals and Natural Vegetation

About the Taiga Cordillera
Animals and Natural Vegetation
Human Activities



The animals found in any ecozone depend on the location of that ecozone. Some of the species that live there include certain types of carnivores, herbivores, fish, mollusks, and birds. Large carnivores that can be found here include black and grizzly bears, wolves, and lynx. The small carnivores that can be found here include coyotes, red fox, mink, and wolverines. The large herbivores include Dall's sheep, caribou, moose and mountain goat.


Some of the feature birds of prey are the golden eagle, the bald eagle, the boreal owl, the red-tailed hawk, and the short-eared owl. Some types of shorebirds, seabirds, and song birds can also be found in this cordillera. Waterfowl, such as the Canadian geese, as well as Ruffed grouse, spruce grouse, northern flicker, willow ptarmigan, rock ptarmigan, rock ptarmigan, and white-tailed ptarmigan are some of the birds found.


Because the Taiga Cordillera is in the far north, amphibians and reptiles cannot survive there.


The Red Tail Bird

Natural Vegetation


The location of the ecozone also depends what types of vegetation can survive there. Western-facing slopes recieve more precipitation than those that face the east, while southern slopes are warmer, brighter and drier than north-facing slopes.Distinct zones also occur as altitude increases.

Some of the trees found here include paper birch, black and white spruce, water birch, bebb willow, and net-veined willow. Other plants include mountain aven, sedge, cottongrass, forget-me-not, hedysarum, purple mountain saxifrage, and more.

The White Spruce Tree

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